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Guided tours, places that can be visited nearby the estate

town Volozhin

  • Palace of Count Tyszkiewicz, 1806. The complex of buildings of the outhouses, greenhouses, parts of the park.
  • Church of ST. Joseph with a bell tower, 1816
  • The church to the cemetery (former Catholic chapel), 1818
  • Wooden Church. Constantine and Helen, 1866
  • Settlement "House Committee" (street Gorky), colony for administration officials, 1922-23 years.
  • Yeshiva, school Jewish th - early XX century., Which had European fame. The building was built in the early twentieth century.
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village Rakov

  • The remains of the castle ramparts of the seventeenth century.
  • Church of the Transfiguration, 1793.
  • Church, in 1906.
  • Chapel St. Anne, the second half of the nineteenth century. Building with a bell tower, fence and other chapel is a well-preserved example of an ancient cemetery.
  • Spring "Rakovski", known for a long time and respected by the people the source of healing water.
  • Scene of the tragedy of the Jewish people - a monument to the residents Rakov, burned along with the synagogue during the war.
  • Museum "art gallery" Felix Yanushkevich. Private collection of works of art, antiquities.

village Padnevichi

  • Tupalschina cemetery. The grave and monument Belarusian classic V.Dunin-Marcinkiewicz.
  • Chapel, 1852.

village Malaya Lyutsinka

  • Habitat writer V. Dunin-Marcinkiewicz. Commemorative stela on the spot where his house.

village Kievets

  • The wooden church, 1919.
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village Girevichi

  • Ruins of a stone tavern late XVIII - first half of the nineteenth century. The classic version of a rare type of public building (in Belarus remained only two such objects). Well preserved walls of the building, which gives an idea of the layout of the building, the system Check in and organize coaches and guests. Well-established features of construction equipment at the time.

village Vishnevo

  • Church of Mary, 1637-41 years. Preserved decoration of the interior of the eighteenth century. The interior painting of the famous artist of late XIX - early XX centuries. F. Ruszczyc. A free-standing bell tower, the revered source of healing waters "Wisniewski".
  • Church Kozmodemyanovskaya, 1865.
  • Place of birth and life of the Belarusian poet of the early twentieth century. Constance Builov.
  • Structures Steel ("Iron Manufactory") of XVIII-XIX centuries. The largest at the time of production of this type in Belarus.
  • Complex "Ondrivonzh" created in the nineteenth century. as a hunting residence of the Counts Hrebtovichey. (Hunting lodge, park, watering system, farm buildings, etc.).

village Bogdanov

  • A place of life and work of renowned artist F. Ruszczyc. The grave of the artist at the old cemetery, the fragments of the old park.
  • Station, the beginning of the twentieth century.
  • Church, built of brick in the late 1990s. on the site of the burnt wooden church in 1690
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village Desyatnikov

  • Cemetery of German soldiers during World War II with a monument and sculpture.

village Losk

  • Mound. Place Lossky Castle, XIV-XVII centuries.
  • Places connected with the work of one of the first printers in the territory of Belarus.
  • Place of life of the famous writer, philosopher and educator of the seventeenth century. Symon Budny.
  • The Church, 1856.
  • Wooden church, 1930.

town Ivenets

  • Franciscan Church and Monastery, 1702-05 years. One of the most impressive monuments of the mature Baroque in Belarus.
  • Alexis Church, 1905-07.
  • Church Euphrosyne of Polotsk, 2008.
  • Center of pottery, known since the sixteenth century. Manufactured terracotta, glazed, glazed, ornamented ceramics (dishes, toys, tiles, etc.), which is especially appreciated even far from Ivenets (Warsaw, Vilna). Products Ivyanets potters are in the collections of museums of Belarus and all neighboring countries.
  • A museum of folk crafts with demonstrations in special workshops tech ceramics, basketry, weaving, wood carving.
  • n Ivyanets operates one of the three arts factory in Belarus.